– personal responsibility – making choices

One thing I learned from Tony Robbins is that whatever happens to us has no meaning until we decide to assign particular meaning to that event.

It is up to us what kind of meaning we will assign to that event, positive or negative, empowering or dis-empowering.

Like in the story that Jim Rohn used to tell, about two sons from drunk father who beat and abuse them. One ended up being the same as his father. When they asked him how come you are like that, his response was “What do you expect, look at my father”. Second ended up being completely opposite who never tasted alcohol. When he was asked how come he turned like that, he said “I didn’t want to be like my father”

So you have personal power to decide what kind of life you will have. It is your personal responsibility, it is called making choices and taking responsibility for your own life.

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